Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bulldog Training Expert Techniques

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When it comes to training your little bulldog puppy, take into account that you are your puppy's sole provider. Your puppy needs your full support, love, and understanding. When your puppy does a no no, don't punish! The one true method that works when training your puppy is using the positive reinforcement methods.

Of course, before I go into the details of training your bulldog, you should know the responsibility of owning and raising a bulldog. For example, make sure you get your bulldog enough healthy food and plenty of exercise on the daily basis. Your bulldog puppies will need some room to play, and of course, will want plenty of things to chew on. So make sure those things are toys and not the wiring throughout your home.

Right off the bat, your bulldog will start learning the things that are acceptable and not. If you let your bulldog do something for long periods of time (such as jump up on you randomly) and then punish your bulldog for it, that will create confusion. When you set your bulldog some kind of rules, make sure that you are always consistently applying those rules on the daily basis. What's good that you decided that your dog can't sit on the couch but then you allow it the next day and don't enforce it?

Your puppy wants a strong leader that's consistent in his words and knows exactly what he wants from the puppy! Your puppy wants to make you happy and they have no problems when you correct them. So when you do train your puppy, like previously mentioned, use the positive reinforcement method.

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